Where to go for holiday?

Where to go for holiday?

When you are planning your vacations, most important issue is where to spend it? Nowadays, we have plenty of tourist destination, where we could spend nice time, and thanks to cheap flights, we can travel there for a song. But if there are so many option, which one should we pick?


You can get there from airports in Wroclaw, Katowice and Warsaw. If you search for offers couple months ahead, you can find very cheap flights. This beautiful city is located over the Mediterranean Sea. Signature of Barcelona is spectacular, Art Nouveau architecture by Antonio Gaudi. Buildings like this, you won’t find anywhere else – architect was inspired by Catalan art, along with Gothic. Spain, in spite of Euro, is really economical country, even for polish tourists.


This city is known for everyone, for Americans it is undisputed capital of Europe. Place for couples, newlyweds, younger and older tourists, families – mostly for everyone. You can get here from most of the main airports in Poland. Cheap flights are available all year long, but you need to take into account costs of bus from airport to the center of Paris, it is about 20 Euro for adults. But it is worth it – Museums with the most important paintings in history of art, Eiffel Tower, Elysees Fields, Disneyland, and many, many more.



This is good option for amateurs of laying at the beach. They may book cheap flights to Rome airport, but stay in Anzio – little town, situated at seaside, 40 minutes away from capital. You can stay in hotel over the sea, taking sunbaths all day long, and rent a car for day or two, to visit Rome and it heritages. And there are a lot of it! Ancient remains of Colosseum, Baroque Spanish stairs, plenty of Renaissance small mansions. And those cuisine! You have to have dinner in one of local restaurants, eat some pasta with sea food, or classical, Italian pizza.

Another capital worth to be seen are Athens. You can also book cheap flights to get there, but really low-prices are for May, June and September. During hot season, tickets are more expensive, but very warm weather are from April till beginning of October, so it shouldn’t be a problem. In this historical city, you could really feel the spirit of ancient ages, thanks to the remains of old, Greek buildings. Signature of the country are people, very friendly and hospitable.

There are many city in Europe worth to be seen during the holiday. It is really hard to decide which one to choose. Airline companies are not making it easier, year after year there are cheap flights for more and more cities. The decision is yours.