Which type of bag choose for a trip to Brussels?

Which type of bag choose for a trip to Brussels?

Nowadays, most of us while planning any type of a trip, most of the times are choosing airplane as mode of transportation. Nothing surprising in that. It is very convenient and fast option – from one part of the Europe to another we are travelling since three hours, it is much more fast then trip by a bus. Also, thanks to the cheap airline companies, we have option to book flights in very reasonable prices. But preparation for journey by a plane is different then by bus. You need to know, witch type of luggage select. You are planning trip to Brussels? depending on your case of journey, another variant will be better.

Since several years, a lot of young people from Poland begin to work in Belgium, most of the times, they are choosing Warsaw Brussels connection to get there. If you are one of them, or you just visiting some relatives, better option will be checked baggage. This variant is payable, but if you book your flight earlier, it shouldn’t be too expensive. And this is the best method if you are planning to take with you a lot of tasty, Polish food. You can pack your private stuff, like wardrobe and cosmetics inside the carry on bag, and register baggage stuff with plenty of various meals. Because there is no option to take any type of self made food on board. brussels-1017976_640

But what if the reason why you are choosing Warsaw Brussels flight is strictly tourist? You don’t want to take any food with you, just couple private stuff? In this situation, the best will be carry on baggage. Most of the airline companies at the moment, let you to bring on board, in a price off a ticket, medium size valise, and one, additional smaller bag, like purse or backpack. It should be enough for a person, who like to spend one week in some city. You are not sure, which type of materials you are allowed to take on board? No problem, all information about carry on baggage regulations you may find on your carrier’s website. And don’t be afraid about cosmetics, you can take it with you. Just make sure to pack any liquid inside small, not bigger then 100 ml bottle.

There are many various reason why people are choosing Warsaw Brussels connection. When you are visiting your friend, who miss polish cuisine, choose register baggage, and bring him some delicious food. But if you are only going there for a tourist reason, carry luggage should be ice. It is big enough to pack all your clothes and cosmetics, you may take a medium size valise, so you shouldn’t be out of space.